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II loved this podcast.

I am convinced that my daughter's incredible imagination has flourished thanks to her early exposure to art supplies like paints, pencils, pens, and paper, as well as our family's decision to get rid of our TV. By having the freedom to express herself creatively and without the distractions of constant screen time, my daughter has developed a strong sense of confidence and independence that fuels her creativity and originality.

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"Modern art" is nothing to do with fine art and skill. It is actually a money laundering operation to clean the filthy money from the trafficking of drugs and people (kids) by high level gangsters. All you need at that level is a corrupt appraiser and a mob of psychopaths happy to circulate large quantities of "Babylonian magic squares" for worthless shit on a canvas. The only critics who find something to talk about for these "artists" are the ones who like the smell of their own farts.

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