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Your success in life will be determined by...

Your success in life will be determined by...

Your ability to speak.

Your ability to write.

The quality of your ideas…

… in that order.

~ Patrick Henry Winston, MIT

It’s an unpopular message because most people don’t want to have to work hard, they’d rather believe in the myth of talent rather than the power of practice.

It’s easier that way.

However, having this kind of control over one’s own destiny, is a small price to pay for taking; the 5R’s seriously:


Here’s the link to Patrick Henry Winston’s full lecture ‘How to speak’.

It’s a gem… for those who value excellence.

Strive to be excellent and nurture that desire in your children.

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Sarah Plumley

Head Teacher, Guerrilla Ed
Expert Examiner GCSE Mathematics
BA, PGCE Secondary (Mathematics), QTS