WEEK 4: REAL Science Experiments

WEEK 4: REAL Science Experiments (for children) is UP and RUNNING on my Odysee channel. (Video #17, above, is from WEEK 4).

There are MORE of these videos already up and only ONE QUARTER of the videos are being sent out here on my Substack page, so you will need to follow along on Odysee, if you wish to take part in the whole experiment.

You can access ALL of the course videos via this link:

The full playlist (so far) can be found from there or accessed directly here:

The Experiment

This term, I’m conducting an experiment in the area of Natural Science.

I’m A/B testing tap water versus filtered water in the processes of growing chilli plants.

I will be uploading new videos each week documenting the experiment in short easy-to-follow snippets, so be sure to follow me over on Odysee!

Education, not indoctrination.

Sarah Plumley