May 28 • 43M

Ep. 48 | The Plumley Pod | Historical Archives are in DANGER

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Prepare to lift the lid on all things Education not indoctrination! Your voice of reason for Home Education: The Plumley Pod. Hosted by Sarah Plumley BA, PGCE (Maths). Professional Mathematics Teacher, GCSE Maths Examiner, Independent Private Tutor, and Home Education Advocate.
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This week, my guest and I discuss the PERIL that our historical archives are in. What will the likely impact of Big Tech be on the preservation of hard-copy historical documents. Will future historians even bother to leave their little tech-geek pods to investigate anything? I discuss all this and more with the director of Pen Pal REVIVAL - Daryl Cartley.


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Education, not indoctrination.

Sarah Plumley