Jun 26, 2022 • 1HR 14M

Ep. 22: The Plumley Pod: David Scott, UK Column - "They wanted to know EVERYTHING!"

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This week my guest is David Scott of the UK Column.

David is devastatingly well read around my specialist theme of 'education not indoctrination' and in this podcast he gives a masterclass in putting the vital pieces of the educative puzzle together. He became suspicious of state education when he began to employ products of the system. Holders of master's degrees who couldn't order their thoughts and a PhD who'd apparently taken three years to think of anything!

He reminds us that the revered Scottish education of old was founded on teaching from first principles and he laments the erosion of all that made a traditional Scottish education great.

Despite the systematic dismantling of real learning by our institutions, David has great hope for the future. Of home educated people he remarks: "My experience of the results of it have been very positive... they wanted to know everything and when I challenged them, it wasn't hostile."

David can be found presenting the UK Column News every Monday.

The UK Column, or as I call it - The News - can be found here: ukcolumn.org

Their achieve of premium quality articles, interviews and videos is vast and you can access 'THE news' live every: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 1pm UK via this link: ukcolumn.org/live

Education not indoctrination

Sarah Plumley

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