Education not indoctrination! Things have been going wrong in our education system for a very, very long time. Schools are now little more than indoctrination centres where students are taught to comply, memorise and regurgitate. This is not education.
We TOLD them so! The sheeple were warned way back in 2020 that furlough was a terrible idea. Those of us who weren’t going around pretending that…
Want to know why scoring 90% on an ‘online test’ is shite?
Much has been written about the importance of pens, pencils, paintbrushes and other ‘tools’ of expression, in particular with regard to early years…
Ep. 42 | The Plumley Pod | The Secret Art ProfessorListen now (65 min) | This week, my special guest is The Secret Art Professor who firmly believes that we are "Teaching creativity out of kids" and that…
The one and only truly great trends forecaster, Gerald Celente is on FIRE about the latest bankster shenanigans!
I don’t often showcase other people’s work here on my Substack, however I have been seriously impressed with Glenn Meder. He helps ordinary people, like…
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